Introduction to the Transition Program

Our Transition Program focuses on meeting the individual needs of each child. Our team of Developmental Therapists focuses on building a strong foundational relationship with each child to support their ability to enhance the child’s strengths, while challenging them to meet their goals. Students will develop their capacity for self-regulation, relating and engaging with others, communicating in meaningful ways and developing critical thinking skills. 

Students in the Transition Program receive 1:1 support and have an Individualized Education Plan addressing all areas of development. Each day, students work toward their individual goals in addition to following a school day routine and participating in social and extracurricular activities. As foundational goals are met, students will have the opportunity to integrate into 1:4 classrooms with 1:1.

Who is the Transition Program for?

Children between 3 and 18 years of age who would benefit from an individual program plan and a specialized learning environment to help them develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. The Transition program maintains a multi-sensory approach to learning, where each child engages in experiences to help them develop skills that go beyond the classroom and generalize into the social world.

DIR®/Floortime Model

Using the DIR®/Floortime Model to set goals for our students, children interact with their environment rather than simply experiencing the world from a desk. Students receive a complete education encompassing their social, emotional, physical and classroom needs. Every student’s program has been developed for them and not simply formed from a single curriculum or assessment.

Team of Experts

Our multi-disciplinary team works together to set goals that foster real learning, rather than rote recall or memorized answers. If a child is really thinking, then they are really learning, and this is always our first priority.

Students enrolled in the Transition Program have regular use of our gymnasium, outdoor play areas, art & music room, 1:1 and group classrooms, as well as our sensory gym!

Parent Support

Oakwood Academy believes that parent involvement is critical to the success of students. In the Transition Program, families will receive regular parent coaching sessions which aim to support parents in their interactions with their children, as well as their child’s progress outside of the school setting.