Student Life at Oakwood Academy

The Oakwood Academy experience expands well beyond the classroom to offer balance and a versatile experience for each student.

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Additional Programming

Gymnastics – Students attend a weekly outing to a local gymnastics club where they participate in gymnastics lessons led by a qualified gymnastics instructor. Students tackle new gross motor skills while also working on group listening, community safety and turn taking skills. 

Swimming – Students attend a weekly outing to the local community centre where they participate in swimming lessons led by a qualified swim instructor. Students learn foundational swim skills for the level they are evaluated at. Student have the opportunity to learn water and poolside safety and well as community integration skills.

Yoga – Students learn to move their bodies in new ways while developing strength and flexibility! Students will also be introduced to mindfulness practices and calming breathing techniques.

Dance – Student learn to move their bodies while working on rhythm and timing skills. Dance classes address an abundance of skills including gross motor coordination, bilateral coordination, sequencing and so much more!