1:7 Program

In the 1:7 Program, classroom and social skills are combined into one developmentally-based curriculum. Students will work towards appropriate classroom goals as set by the Ontario Provincial Standards and each student will have an Individual Education Plan to encompass his or her classroom and social/emotional needs.

Students will be placed within an age- and developmentally-appropriate class and will participate in a small classroom setting (1 teacher : 7 students) while receiving the individual attention, classroom modifications, and individually-tailored curriculum necessary to reach their highest classroom and social potential.

Additional support for students is available through our Support Level program, which allows students to receive  additional shared support within the classroom.

What is the Support Level Program? 

In order to ensure all students’ needs are being met and they will be successful in the 1:4 or 1:7 classrooms, we offer to levels of additional support. Support levels are determined through an intake assessment, written reports, observation, data and trail days. 

Support Level 1: 

Students receiving this level of support are able to participate and learn within a small classroom setting with some additional shared support in the classroom. This support may be necessary for the student to actively participate in classroom conversation, engage in play with others, or remain on task. This support may also be necessary when a student is ready to transition from a 1:4 to a 1:7 classroom, or if a student is integrating into a SJA classroom.

Support Level 2: 

Students receiving this level of support in the classroom require individual attention for a portion of their day. This individual support may be for a specific subject area, group participation, DIR Floortime goals or support with behaviour management and emotional regulation. Students being provided with Level 2 support will receive “pull-out” and “push-in” support from a qualified Educational Support Specialist for a portion of their day, in order to meet their individual social, emotional and communication goals.  This support may also be necessary when a student is ready to transition from the Transition Program to 1:4, or a 1:4 to a 1:7 classroom.

*Support levels are reviewed and determined by the Oakwood Placement Committee

The Need for Individualized Education

For some children, school can be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety. With the classroom and social demands that come with school, it is easy for an anxious child to become overwhelmed and even withdrawn. As a result, these students are unable to cope in a busy classroom environment and they begin to dislike school and learning. There are other students who enjoy school but require more individual support to help them achieve their best and to prepare them for their high school years.


Our Language curriculum focuses on developing fluent and confident readers, writers, and communicators. Students may receive language instruction in reading, writing, and oral communication using motivating curriculum material that builds confidence for hesitant readers and writers. Oakwood Academy utilizes various reading, writing language tools to support our student’s success in the Language Arts.


Math is taught with an emphasis on comprehension and life skill concepts. Within small groups, students participate in a variety of practical and hands-on learning tasks. The math curriculum scaffolds skills and introduces new material gradually to ensure student success.

Science & Social Studies

Science and Social Studies with a hands-on and experiential approach to learning and the real world. Students are encouraged to experiment, problem solve, and relate to the material in a meaningful and developmentally appropriate way. There is also an opportunity for students to participate in a Science Fair where they can showcase their work.

Physical Education

Daily physical activity is an important part of our program. Students will work on fundamental movement skills, coordination, balance, motor planning and teamwork through our Physical Education program. Oakwood students have the opportunity to participate in physical activities in our gym, on our sports court and soccer field. In addition, our students participate in a yearly Terry Fox Run and Track and Field Day.

The Arts

Self-expression is an important aspect of our program and incorporated in many areas of the curriculum. Through the exploration of art and drama, students are given the opportunity to be creative, take risks and build confidence. Our Winter and Spring concerts are a wonderful part of our arts program. All students are encouraged and supported to participate with their peers. This gives our students the chance to show off their talents on stage to Oakwood’s families and staff!