Camp Programming

At Oakwood Academy, we understand the importance of consistency for children (and parents!). Long breaks from school can result in challenging transitions when it is time to return. In an effort to support families, we offer camp programs to supplement our school programming and promote consistency for students. Camp programming is offered for one week during March Break and for six weeks of the summer.

Camp programming is offered for our Transition Program with 1:1 support, as well as small groups with a ratio of 1:3.

Students enrolled in our camp programs will be working towards developmentally-appropriate goals surrounding regulation, relating to and engaging with others and communication.

Who can attend Oakwood Academy camps?

Our camps are open to students from our school, as well as students from the community. Camp programming is available for students ages 3-18 years old. An intake meeting will be scheduled for all new students interested in attending our camps, in order to determine appropriate program placement.

Camp Programs Offered