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Providing exceptional education and giving students the opportunity to thrive at their own pace is our top priority. Our highly trained team is dedicated to making sure your child is receiving all the necessary support to allow them to learn to the best of their abilities. Whether your child is ready for a small classroom setting or benefits from 1:1 support, we have a program that will be just the right fit!

Summer Camp 2019!

Join us for a summer of fun-filled memories and friendships!  Our summer camp is divided into three, two-week blocks.  Each of these blocks will have a different fun theme, with activities related to the theme each day.  Some activities that students can look forward to during camp include: field trips, water play and so much more!

Summer camp runs from July to August 9.  For more information about Oakwood Academy Summer Camp, or to find out more about the registration process, click the link below to contact us!

Transition Program

AGE 3 - 18
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Academic 1:4 Classes

AGE 4 - 18
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Academic 1:7 Classes

AGE 4 - 18
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Our Service is the Difference

Incorporating the DIR® Model into our teaching methods, we are able to deliver an above-and-beyond experience for your child. Using this model also allows us to address all areas of a child's development and support their ability to communicate and relate to others. Learn more about this model and how we integrate it into our teachings.

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