Message from the Director

Dear Friends and Families of Oakwood,

Schools across the world are temporarily closing their doors as our nation struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19. We understand the enormous challenge you as parents are facing and want you to feel supported as much as possible.

All of us at Oakwood Academy want to help ensure our students and families can keep the learning and support going, and offer new in-home strategies to help you through this time. To that end, we are providing you and your children access to our teaching staff, virtual at-home support and online learning solutions which will keep inline with our DIR philosophy and your child's learning and development.

We are committed to helping you and your children mitigate through this unprecedented health issue. We are here to support you throughout, so please reach out with any questions or concerns.

We wish you and all your family the best of health.


Trillian Taylor

Our Team of Professionals are Caring, Qualified and Committed to Helping Your Child Succeed!

Providing exceptional education and giving students the opportunity to thrive at their own pace is our top priority. Our highly trained team is dedicated to making sure your child is receiving all the necessary support to allow them to learn to the best of their abilities. Whether your child is ready for a small classroom setting or benefits from 1:1 support, we have a program that will be just the right fit!


Oakwood Academy’s Camp Programs are open to currently enrolled students, as well as students from the community who do not regularly attend Oakwood Academy. Oakwood Academy offers theme-based programs for student’s ages 3-18 years old. Each theme is taught while working within the DIR (Developmental-Individual Difference-Relationship-Based)® FloortimeTM Model and incorporates art, science, sensory, sport, and teamwork games.


The 1:1 Transition Program is designed for students 3-16 years of age who benefit from one-on-one support to focus on goals relating to self-regulation, engagement, individual communication, academic skills, social skills, and life skills. Using the DIR/FloortimeTM Model, therapists of this program will develop an individual program plan to meet each child’s unique learning and sensory profile. Children in this program will also participate in group social activities with the support of their therapist, and have the opportunity to attend a field trip in the community.


The Social Skills Program is offered in both junior and senior divisions for students 5-18 years of age. This program is designed for students who can participate in a group of 6 children with a 3:1 child to instructor ratio, and are looking to target specific group goals including conversation, social problem solving, pretend and fantasy play, understanding and exploring a variety of emotions, and perspective taking. Children in this program will also have the opportunity to attend a field trip in the community. Using the DIR/FloortimeTM Model, our group instructors will create a unique individualized program focusing on increasing each student’s Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDCs) which will support their ability to think, relate, and communicate.

1:1 Transition Program (ages 3-16 years)
Social Skills Group Program (ages 5-11 years)
Teen Social Skills Group Program (ages 12-18 years)

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Transition Program

AGE 3 - 18
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Academic 1:4 Classes

AGE 4 - 18
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Academic 1:7 Classes

AGE 4 - 18
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Our Service is the Difference

Incorporating the DIR® Model into our teaching methods, we are able to deliver an above-and-beyond experience for your child. Using this model also allows us to address all areas of a child's development and support their ability to communicate and relate to others. Learn more about this model and how we integrate it into our teachings.

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