Jump Start Program

This option offers families who may be new to DIR and are eager to learn and move their child to the next level with support for our team of professionals.

Oakwood’s Jump Start program includes direct intervention, parent/caregiver coaching, consultation and education and helpful resources from our team of qualified professionals. Whether you’d like to explore a developmental approach, complement an existing intervention, or would like to have access to our team of professionals more regularly, Oakwood is able to help jump start your child’s learning and development and make sure it’s on the right track! The Jump Start Program offers a comprehensive, effective, short-term intervention for families who are exploring ways to support their child’s healthy social, emotional and cognitive development.

Enrolment in this program provides you with access to a Certified DIR Practitioner for 2 hr sessions, twice per week for 10 weeks as well as program oversight by a DIR Program Supervisor. Services will include:

  • Comprehensive developmental, behaviour and skill assessment
  • Development or refinement of a DIR program plan
  • Direct implementation of the plan
  • Parent observation, participation and coaching.
  • Parent education, consultation and resources
  • A condensed package explaining your child’s social and emotional development, goals and programming strategies to give you and your child hands-on support and progress in communication, engagement and self-regulation skills.
  • Specialized service referral and recommendations for ongoing programming