Oakwood Academy is the only recognized school in Canada using the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-Based (DIR®) Model. Our school developed to serve the growing need for individualized education programs that focus on developing thinking, relating and communication skills.

Our unique developmental approach teaches students to think rather than memorize, and uses social relationships as the cornerstone of curricular development. Every aspect of our school is designed to meet the individual differences and needs of our students so that they can reach their greatest academic and social potential.

Our Team

The programming at Oakwood Academy is delivered by a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines. Our team includes Developmental Therapists, Ontario Certified Teachers, Clinical Psychologists, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Language Pathologist, and a Music Therapist. Learn more about who they are and how they can help the development of your child.

I had my child enrolled at Oakwood Academy, and every year they always wondered when they’d be back again! Exceptional service, teachers and incredible friendly and the curricular really helped prepare my child for public school. He wouldn’t be succeeding if it wasn’t for the care of the Oakwood Academy teaching staff!

Nicole Smith, Parent

Our Philosophy For Development

Our Values

Oakwood Academy’s vision is to provide an individualized, developmentally-based curriculum that focuses on cognitive, physical, and social/emotional growth. It is our goal that children will first develop secure relationships, laying a strong foundation of social and emotional skills so that they can learn to think, relate, and communicate with their world.

Our Commitment

Oakwood Academy recognizes the importance of collaborating with a variety of professionals and works as a multidisciplinary team. We are committed to excellent parent communication and consider parents to be an essential part of our team.

We are aware that each child has particular strengths and goals, and we offer an individualized curriculum to help them achieve their full potential. Through the DIR® model, founded by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, each student will gain a learning experience that is developmentally-based, multi-sensory, and based upon their communication and interaction with others.