Our Philosophy/Mission

It is our philosophy that all children, regardless of a diagnosis, are capable of engaging with others, expressing feelings and emotions, and developing meaningful ways to communicate and interact with their world. Through explicit teaching strategies and a motivating program, we are able to help children build skills that are essential for successful social interactions. 

Oakwood Academy is an organization that is committed to serving the growing need for individualized education. Our uniquely designed curriculum has been developed specifically for children who are not reaching their full potential in typical academic and social settings. We are aware that each child has particular strengths and goals, and offer an individualized curriculum that focuses on strengthening core developmental capacities that serve as a necessary foundation for academic and social success. 

We utilize the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-based (DIR®) Model which is a framework that encompasses a child’s social, emotional, and intellectual capacities rather than focusing on discrete skills and solitary behaviours. In order to build a strong developmental foundation, we immerse students in experiences that are rich in opportunities to think and problem-solve, relate to others, and communicate effectively. Additionally, we spend time understanding each student’s unique sensory profile and motivation, in order to help them overcome learning road blocks and so that they may be successful. Wherever a child is in their development, we feel that building a sense of self is an integral part of education. It is our goal that children will first develop a strong foundation of social and emotional skills so that they can engage in meaningful and secure relationships to foster growth in all cognitive areas. The teachers and therapists at Oakwood understand that a student who feels respected and understood, will build social and emotional confidence and have increased success in all domains.

Our Vision

Oakwood Academy’s Vision to create a school where a child’s full range of strengths and challenges are understood and met within an individualized curriculum.


Our Values

Individualization – We know that every student is unique and requires an educational program that meets their individual needs and goals. We strive to ensure each student’s day is tailored to address their social and academic goals in the best way possible. 

Collaboration – Oakwood Academy recognizes the importance of collaborating with a variety of professionals, and we work as a multidisciplinary team to provide a complete education that will encompass a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. 

Communication – We believe that consistent communication between staff and parents is a key element in the success of our students. Parent communication is extremely important to us and is an integral link between generalizing skills learned at school to the home setting. 

Personal Growth – We value all gains made by our students and consider each accomplishment to be an important step in their development. We also want to instill a sense of pride in our students as they work to learn new skills and overcome challenges. 

Understanding – At Oakwood we have compassion and understanding for every student and every family. We are here to provide support, encouragement, and the best education possible.