In the Academic Program, academics and social skills are combined into one developmentally-based curriculum. Students will work towards appropriate academic goals as set by the Ontario Provincial Standards and each student will have an Individual Education Plan to encompass his or her academic and social/emotional needs.

Students will be placed within an age- and developmentally-appropriate class and will participate in a small classroom setting (1 teacher : 7 students) while receiving the individual attention, classroom modifications, and individually-tailored curriculum necessary to reach their highest academic and social potential.

Additional support for students is available through our Support Level program, which allows students to receive  additional shared support within the classroom.

The Need for Individualized Education

For some children, school can be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety. With the academic and social demands that come with school, it is easy for an anxious child to become overwhelmed and even withdrawn. As a result, these students are unable to cope in a busy classroom environment and they begin to dislike school and learning. There are other students who enjoy school but require more individual support to help them achieve their best and to prepare them for their high school years.

The Academic Curriculum

The Social Curriculum

Academics are only the beginning of our program! Students excel when they begin to strengthen their foundation skills. Learning in community, working independently, getting organized, and building self-confidence are all essential areas our students develop at school. Our entire curriculum focuses on social and emotional development, communication and collaboration within the classroom.

Social & Classroom Skills

Students are developing their social skills everyday at school. Oakwood Academy is well-known for its unique social curriculum and we see the positive results in our students every day! Some of the social skills topics explored in our curriculum include:

  • managing emotions
  • problem solving
  • conversation skills
  • appropriate play skills
  • understanding social cues
  • community skills
  • appropriate classroom behaviour
  • teamwork and cooperation

The Individual Student

Every student is an individual and our curriculum fosters the growth of each student by offering programs and services that are designed to bring out the unique interests and talents in every child, while recognizing and strengthening their individual differences.