Integrated Therapies

Integrated Therapies
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As part of the DIR®/Floortime Model, we pay close attention to each student’s individual processing differences. This relates to how students processing sensory information as well as language. Understanding these individual differences is essential when designing a personalized education plan to help each student reach their fullest potential. Oakwood recognizes the importance of working as a multi-disciplinary team and offers integrated therapies as part of a student’s curriculum.

Occupational Therapy plays an important role in supporting sensory processing, gross and fine motor development and regulation. Our Occupational Therapist creates specific sensory diets for students to help them remain calm and regulated throughout their day. Additionally, goals such as tying shoes, eating, printing, co-ordination and balance may also be worked on through Occupational Therapy.

Speech Language Pathology does much more than help students to produce words. Speech Therapy also helps students to strengthen auditory processing skills, language comprehension, phonetic awareness, sequencing, and articulation. Working within the DIR® framework, our Speech Therapist helps to lay the foundation for social engagement so that students can use language meaningfully within the context of a relationship.

Drama Therapy at Oakwood focuses on enhancing self-expression, building intentional communication, sharing emotional ideas, making symbolic connections and telling stories. Students may work independently with the therapist or collaboratively within small groups. Sessions are facilitated by Drama Therapist Matthew Vivano during and after school.

Music Therapy at Oakwood is offered to all students.  Using the Nordoff Robinns approach, our Music Therapist works creatively with students to engage them in making meaningful music together. Music therapy can enhance communication, support positive developmental changes, and strengthen regulation and engagement.