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June 2, 2017

On June 2, 2017 Dr. Fabian Tai, Developmental Optometrist, visited Oakwood to present to our team about the important role that vision and visual perception and processing plays on a child’s overall development. 80% of all our learning is through vision and 1 in 4 school age children have vision challenges that affect their school performance; yet upon a regular eye exam, they have perfect sight! Our staff discussed how vision develops and how we can support visual challenges and identify if students may need a referral for vision therapy. Oakwood is looking forward to working more with Dr. Tai as part of our multi-disciplinary team, to address all developmental areas for each student.

August 2016 – DIR Intensive!

Dr. Gil Tippy with the Oakwood Staff during our Orientation Week training. Staff participated in a two-day training session with Dr. Tippy which focused on meeting all developmental needs within the classroom and using the DIR® Model to teach meaningful academics.

April 2016

Learning Through Relationships!

Oakwood Academy staff spent two days in New York city attending the conference Learning Through Relationships: Using DIR® Floortime™ to Promote Thinking and Development. Our team of teachers were also fortunate enough to visit and meet with the team at the Rebecca School in Manhattan, to witness first hand how the DIR® model is being used to foster problem solving and genuine learning in the classroom. The Rebecca School was the first school to develop using the Developmental Individual Differences Relationship-based (DIR®) model, developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. Oakwood Academy is the only recognized school in Canada using this approach and is proud to be working with staff at the Rebecca School to bring this approach to students in Canada.

March 2013

Learning Through Relationships!

Oakwood Academy held a parent forum with Dr. Gil Tippy to discuss why the DIR® Model works and how it’s used in a school setting.