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Students excel when they begin to strengthen their foundation skills. Remaining calm and focused in a group, working independently, organizing thoughts and ideas and building self-confidence are all essential areas our students develop at school. Academics are only the beginning of our program! There is also a large emphasis on social and emotional development. Students will practice interacting appropriately in the classroom and with their peers. Topics such as: managing emotions, problem solving and conversation skills are explored regularly. Some students will also be taught skills to use within the community setting. In addition to the core academic & social subjects, speech & language therapy, music therapy, gymnastics, yoga instruction and occupational therapy will also be included in the curriculum.


The Importance of Social & Emotional Learning

Math, science, reading and writing all find their way into every school curriculum, but too rarely are social and emotional development considered in school past the early childhood years. Although some schools are realizing the value of character education, teachers have a lot of academic curriculum material to teach and social skills simply don’t get priority. While academic subjects have an obvious place in schools, some educators and parents may not see a direct link between social and emotional intelligence and academic success. Research at Pennsylvania State University reports that children who have been exposed to social and emotional learning over an extensive amount of time, demonstrated improved attention and working memory, which are key functions of the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. An individual who has social confidence, emotional stability and a clear sense of self, will ultimately lead a more successful and happy life.

For our students, social and emotional learning opportunities are essential to their success in their day-to-day interactions in and out of school. Some of our students are building a foundation for basic social development while other students are working on high level thinking capacities and are fine tuning their ability to respond to social cues and complex situations. A child who feels confident and socially successful will enjoy learning, seek out social opportunities be able to think critically and problem solve.


Enhancing Learning Through Social & Emotional Education

Impact of Enhancing Students Social and Emotional Learning-Full-Article