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Academic Preparation Program
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Our Academic Preparation Program focuses on teaching the necessary skills that children need to navigate the social world throughout their school years. This program is ideal for students who are preparing to learn in a small group and who require additional support with appropriate peer interaction and classroom skills as well as foundational academic skills. Our curriculum is developmentally based with reference to the Primary Ontario Curriculum goals. In the classroom there is focus on explicit lessons and activities that will develop a foundation of social and emotional skills that are essential for children. Our high instructor-to-child ration allows us to meet the needs of each child, while providing them with the opportunity to develop secure relationships that will prepare them for many school years to come.


Expressive and receptive language skills are developed each day through speech acitivities, teacher modelling, and social role-play.


Who is this program for?

This program is for children ages 4-7 years who are ready to engage in a small class size without full time individual support.

Teacher: Student Ratio

Classes have a ratio of 1:4. Additional support for students is available through our Support Level program, which allows students to receive some individual or additional shared support for a portion of the day.


Social & Emotional Development

Social Development is placed as a priority in the Academic Preparation program and explicitly taught lessons and activities are planned to teach students skills such as:

  • joining & initiating playing with peers
  • sharing & turn taking
  • self-regulation
  • imaginative play
  • expressing & recognizing emotions
  • problem solving

Academic / School Readiness

The Academic Preparation program is structured to teach children classroom routines and foundation primary academic skills essential for success in any classroom. Skills taught include:

  • circle-time routine
  • learning in a group setting
  • attending in the classroom
  • classroom independence
  • language comprehension
  • foundation reading & writing
  • foundation numeracy concepts