Welcome from the Directors

Welcome from the Directors
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Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering Oakwood Academy for your child.  Deciding on a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make for their future.  This is perhaps even more the case if your child needs an individualized education.

As experienced educators in the field of special education, we saw first hand how many students were being taught skills that didn’t address their core developmental capacities. We were inspired to create a school that embraces each students’ individual learning profile and implements an educational program to target their root developmental challenges. We know that every child is capable of engaging with others, expressing their emotions and ideas and developing meaningful ways to communicate and interact with their world. The decision to base our curriculum around the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR®) Model was made because we know this is the most effective way to help children become thinkers and problem solvers, and build strong communication and relationships with others.  We know that success beyond primary school years requires students to think critically, work collaboratively and communicate effectively, which is why we are careful to challenge students with meaningful learning opportunities rather than predetermined curriculum material.

We understand that finding the right school to foster your child’s social and emotional growth in addition to their academic growth, is critical.  You can feel confident that your child’s unique learning needs will be respected at Oakwood.

Working with families is an essential part of our school model and we welcome the opportunity to meet you and your child and discuss how Oakwood Academy can be part of your child’s educational journey.

Trillian Taylor & Michele Power

Co-Founders, Directors